At Milci Skin, we are proud to say that we exclusively carry brands that are 100% cruelty-free.

Our standard 

Cruelty-free is a term that is unregulated. This means that brands are able to find ways to claim they are cruelty-free, even if at any point in their process they do test on animals. Milci Skin considers a brand to be cruelty-free if:

  • The brand itself does not engage in animal testing, either for finished products or ingredients;
  • Their suppliers do not engage in animal testing, either for finished products, raw materials, or ingredients;
  • No third-parties* test on animals on their behalf;
  • The brand does not make exceptions for testing on animals where ‘required by law’. 

*A third-party is an outside company or entity, which can test finished products or ingredients on behalf of the brand. A third-party does not have to be hired by the brand. If the brand claims that third-parties may test their products on animals, Milci Skin does not consider the brand to be cruelty-free.

Our criteria ensure that we do not support any brands that have claimed a cruelty-free status by using loopholes, when they in fact are not truly cruelty-free.